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Fantasy Football League


The Grande Prairie Super League (GPSL) began play on September 2004 under the assumed name the "Goose Bowl". The idea behind the league began from a group of people the partied with each other in university in Edmonton. This group went to a hockey tournament run by Canadian Hockey Enterprises in Banff, Alberta under the assumed name the Canadian Geese. Although, success at the tournament was poor, a bond was formed and a passion for sports and booze was cultivated. The original founding members included: Ryan Moe, Jesse Moe, Darren Walker and David Stone.

2004 SeasonEdit

These four, along with 6 people that they knew formed the original season. 

The 10 teams included:

Team Manager Connection
Bubbly McMitt Allison Currie Darren Walker's ex girlfriend
Dirty Sanchez Darren Walker Founding Member
Raped Monks David Stone Founding Member
Reigning Champ Jesse Moe Founding Member
The Busdrivers Garth Stone David Stone's brother
The Sleaze Monkeys Ryan Moe Founding Member
The Suckers ???? ?????
White Chocolates Glenn Stone David Stone's brother
tigers Colby Nichol Moe acquaintance from Beaverlodge
underdog ??(Denis Drolet) ???

The first season had the following:

1st Overall Pick Priest Holmes
Winner Reigning Champ (Jesse Moe)
Runner-up The Suckers (?????)
Season Winner Reigning Champ (Jesse Moe)
Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 6.03.48 PM

The first Commissioner was Darren Walker and it was evident that Fantasy Football would be a learning curve for all involved. Here is a sample of the scoring changes made after week 2 of the season:

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.34.15 PM

2005 SeasonEdit

Th second season saw big change in the GPSL. The original name changed from the "Goose Bowl" to the "Longest Goose". It also saw the expansion of the league from 10 to 12 teams. 5 teams left the league and 7 joined. This year also saw the beginning of Commissioner Ryan Moe's era.

Team Joined or Left
Bubbly McMitt (Allison Currie) Left
The Busdrivers (Garth Stone) Left
The Suckers (????) Left
tigers (Colby Nichol) Left
underdog (????) Left
TD Studs (Chris Suddaby) Joined
Kicker's Revenge (Denis Drolet) Joined
Slacto Dragons (Travis Sather) Joined
Old School Ballers (Darren Thomas) Joined
seahawks (TJ Mckenzie) Joined
The Ligers (Damon Bencharski) Joined
Rumblin Tumblin (Joe ???) Joined

Team Name Changes:

From To Manager
Raped Monks The Dazzlers David Stone
The Sleaze Monkeys Sleazemonkeys Ryan Moe
Reigning Champs Moe Lesters Jesse Moe
Dirty Sanchez Sticky Buns Darren Walker


1st Overall Pick LaDanian Tomlinson
Winner TD Studs (Chris Suddaby)
Runner-up Kickers Revenge (Denis Drolet)
Season Winner TD Studs (Chris Suddaby)

Final Standings:

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 6.01.14 PM

2006 Season Edit

The third season saw yet another change to the league name from "Longest Goose" to "Goosebusters Football". 3 teams left and 3 new teams joined.

Team Left or Joined
seahawks (TJ McKenzie) Left
The Ligers (????) Left
Rumblin Tumblin (Joe ???) Left
The Footballers (Garth Stone) Joined
Punt-to-bag (Matt Johnston) Joined
Chief (Issac Blimke) Joined

Team Name Changes

From To Manager
Sticky Buns Team Brokeback Darren Walker
TD Studs Returning Champ Chris Suddaby
Kicker's Revenge Foreskins Denis Drolet


1st Overall Pick Shaun Alexander
Winner The Footballers (Garth Stone)
Runner-up Slatco Dragons (Travis Sather)
Season Winner Team Brokeback (Darren Walker)

Final standings:

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 7.38.49 PM

2007 Season Edit

The 2007 season saw the league change to it's current name that it has had ever since, the "Grande Prairie Super League". It also saw the league contract to 10 teams. 5 teams left and 3 managers joined, creating what is the base of the management group of today. 

Team Left or Joined
The Footballers (Garth Stone) Left
Punt-to-bag (Matt Johnston) Left
Returning Champs (Chris Suddaby) Left
White Chocolates (Glenn Stone) Left
Foreskins (Denis Drolet) Left
Money Train (Cheney Murray) Joined
Nellis Generals (Craig Nellis) Joined
The Destroyers (Josh Boettcher) Joined

Team Name Changes

From To Manager
Old School Ballers The Diamond Dick's Darren Thomas
Sleazemonkeys Sleazemonkey FC Ryan Moe


1st Overall Pick LaDainian Tomlinson
Winner The Diamond Dick's (Darren Thomas)
Runner-up Team Brokeback (Darren Walker)
Season Winner The Diamond Dick's (Darren Thomas)

Final Standings:

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 7.51.21 PM


2008 Season Edit

The 2008 Season was the first year keepers were used on teams. One team left the league and three joined. The league expanded to 12 teams. This was the first year the group drafted live and in person together, at Ryan Moe's house in Grande Prairie.

Team Left or Joined
Chiefs (Issac Blimke) Left
Bigfoot Rover (Scott Sather) Joined
Rekleiners (Cory Klein-Gebbinck) Joined
HalfManHalfAmazing (Brent Hingley) Joined

Team Name Changes

From To Manager
The Destroyers Purple Helmets Josh Boettcher


1st Overall Pick Ryan Grant
Winner Nellis Generals (Craig Nellis)
Runner-up Moe Lesters (Jesse Moe)
Season Winner Moe Lesters (Jesse Moe)

Final Standings:

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 8.06.09 PMEdit

2009 SeasonEdit

The 2009 season was the first year that the teams remained the same as the previous year, with the exception of Brenin Rycroft becoming co-manager of Hythworth with Scott Sather. The draft was once again held at Ryan Moe's house.

Team Name Changes

From To Manager
Bigfoot Rover Hythworth Scott Sather


1st Overall Pick Brian Westbrook
Winner Hythworth (Scott Sather & Brenin Rycroft)
Runner-up Dazzlers (David Stone)
Season Winner Nellis Generals (Craig Nellis)

Final Standings:

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 8.21.42 PMEdit

2010 SeasonEdit

The young fledgling league began it's seventh season with no changes made to the managers for the first time in league history.  Darren Thomas hosted a live draft in his garage, along with a flag football match at the park just down the road.  A new and important tradition is born.


1st Overall Pick Adrian Peterson
Winner HalfManHalfAmazing (Brent Hingley)
Runner-up Slatco Dragons (Travis Sather)
Season Winner Moe Lesters (Jesse Moe)

League Standings:

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 8.31.07 PMEdit

2011 SeasonEdit

The 2011 season marked the first time in recorded league history that their was a repeating champion. HalfManHalfAmazing defeated Money Train in the finals after a controversial 96 - 96 tie between themselves and Moe Lesters in the semifinal, which resulted in Money Train advancing based on their regular season head-to-head record.  Darren Thomas' garage once again hosts the draft and football game.


1st Overall Pick Chris Johnson
Winner HalfManHalfAmazing (Brent Hingley)
Runner-up Money Train (Cheney Murray)
Season Winner Moe Lesters (Jesse Moe)

Final Standings:

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 8.38.46 PMEdit

2012 SeasonEdit

The 2012 season brought legitimacy to the league. After years of finding the best formats, entry fee and fluctuating prize money, Commissioner Ryan Moe, instituted a league constitution that included 5 sections of rules and regulations. The regulations included  a change to an Auction format, remaining a keeper league, a tripling of the entry fee and set prize money. Edmonton hosted the draft, with the football game played on the west end and McTaggerts hosting the draft.  First out of garage live draft brought on much celebration.

This year also included the banishing of Team Brokeback because of unpaid dues, failure to show up at the draft and failure to field a competitive team. 

Team Left or Joined
Team Brokeback (Darren Walker) Banished
Coach Carter (Mikhail Carter) Joined


Highest Priced Player LeSean McCoy ($59)
Winner Moe Lesters (Jesse Moe)
Runner-up Sleazemonkey FC (Ryan Moe)
Season Winner Moe Lesters (Jesse Moe)

Final Standings:

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 8.52.17 PMEdit

2013 SeasonEdit

2013 marked the first year we could keep players under the auction value format.  Mikhial Carter seceded from the GPSL, opening up the opportunity for the Hythworth team to split and the two managers to run their own operations. Grande Prairie hosted, the football game was held at the ball diamonds on 

Resources (name?) and the draft was held at Madhatters.


2013 Draft Prep

Team Left or Joined
Coach Carter (Mikhail Carter) Left

Team Name Changes:

From To Manager
Hythworth Moosehat Scott Sather
Coach Carter Hythe Rockies Brenin Rycroft


2013 Draft Drunk after a fall.


Highest Priced Player Calvin Johnson($54)
Winner                                         Sleazemonkey FC (Ryan Moe)
Runner-up Moe Lesters (Jesse Moe)
Season Winner Money Train (Cheney Murray)

2014 SeasonEdit

The teams and managers remained the same for the 2014 season. The league has increased stability over the last five years as all the managers for the 2014 season have been involved since 2009.

Final Standings:Edit

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 6.44.49 PM


Highest Priced Player Lesean McCoy($61)
Winner                                         Sleazemonkey FC (Ryan Moe)
Runner-up The Diamond Dicks (Darren Thomas)
Season Winner Rekleiners (Cory Klein Gebbinck)


Darren Thomas Predictions:Edit

During week 4 and New England's 41-14 loss to Kansas City, Darren Thomas boldly stated "It appears the end of the magical NE run is here. I'm going on record stating it's over for NE. No Super Bowl chances this year. Fact!" New England went on to win the Superbowl.

2015 Season Edit

Final Standings:

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 7.15.22 PM


Highest Priced Player Jamal Charles ($57)
Winner                                         Purple Helmets (Josh Boettcher)
Runner-up Moosehat (Scott Sather)
Season Winner Sleazemonkey FC (Ryan Moe)


2016 Season Edit

Final Standings:

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 10.32.49 PM


Highest Priced Player Antonio Brown ($65)
Winner                                         Hythe Rockies (Brenin Rycroft)
Runner-up Purple Helmets (Josh Boettcher)
Season Winner Purple Helmets (Josh Boettcher)

2017 Season Edit

Final Standings:

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 6.36.30 PM


Highest Priced Player AJ Green ($59)
Winner                                         Diamond Dicks (Darren Thomas)
Runner-up HalfManHalfAmazing (Brent Hingley)
Season Winner HalfManHalfAmazing (Brent Hingley)

====All-Time RecordEdit

Win/Loss Record (Current to end of 2017 season)Edit

Team Seasons Wins Losses Ties Win %
Moe Lesters (Reigning Champs) 14 106 82 2 56%
Dazzlers (Raped Monks) 14 101 88 1 53%
Sleazemonkey FC (The Sleaze Monkeys) *check 151 games 14 89 98 1 47%
Diamond Dicks (Old School Ballers)*check 138 games 13 83 91 1 47%
Money Train 11 81 66 2 54%
Slatco Dragons 13 78 98 1 44%
HalfManHalfAmazing 10 74 60 1 55%
Hythe Rockies (Hythworth) 10 74 60 1 55%
Nellis Generals (Fill in the blanks) 11 70 79 0 47%
Purple Helmets (Destroyers) 11 69 77 3 46%
Moosehat (Hythworth, Bigfoot Rovers) 10 64 70 1 47%
Rekleiners 10 63 71 1 47%
Team Brokeback (Sticky Buns, Dirty Sanchez) 8 60 50 1 55%
Returning Champs (TD Studs) 2 17 9 2
The Footballers (The Busdrivers) 2 12 15 0
Foreskins (Kicker's Revenge) 2 12 16 0
Chief 2 12 16 0
White Chocolate 3 12 29 0
tigers 1 9 4 0
The Suckers 1 9 4 0
Seahawks 1 7 6 1
Punt-to-bag 1 7 7 0
Coach Carter 1 6 7 1
The Ligers 1 6 8 0
Rumblin Tumblin 1 6 8 0
Bubbly McMitt 1 4 9 0
underdog 1 3 10 0

Top 3 Finishes (Updated Jan. 1, 2017)Edit

Team 1st 2nd 3rd
HalfManHalfAmazing 2 (2011, 2010) 2 (2013, 2017) 2 (2014, 2015)
Moe Lesters 2 (2012, 2004) 1 (2008) 2 (2010, 2006)
Sleazemonkey FC 2 (2013, 2014) 1 (2012) 1 (2007)
Diamond Dick's 2 (2007, 2017) 1 (2014)
Purple Helmets 1 (2015) 1 (2016)
Hythe Rockies 1 (2016)
Hythworth 1 (2009)
Nellis Generals 1 (2008)
The Footballers 1 (2006)
TD Studs 1 (2005)
Slatco Dragons 2 (2010, 2006) 2 (2005, 2017)
Dazzlers 1 (2009) 5 (2016, 2013, 2011, 2008, 2004)
Money Train 1 (2011) 1 (2012)
Team Brokeback 1 (2007) 1 (2009)
Moosehat 1 (2015)
Kicker's Revenge 1 (2005)
The Suckers 1 (2004)

Playoff RecordEdit

Team Appearances Wins Losses
Moe Lesters 9 11 9
Dazzlers 10 11 13
Sleazemonkey FC 7 10 7
HalfManHalfAmazing 8 10 8
Slatco Dragons 5 9 4
Diamond Dick's 4 7 3
Moosehat (Hythworth) 5 7 5
Hythe Rockies (Hythworth) 7 7 8
Money Train 6 6 8
Nellis Generals 4 4 5
Team Brokeback 5 4 7
Purple Helmets 5 4 7
The Footballers 1 2 0
Returning Champs (TD Studs) 1 2 0
The Suckers 1 2 1
Foreskin (Kicker's Revenge) 1 2 1
Rekleiners 5 2 8
Seahawks 1 1 1
tigers 1 1 2
Bubbly McMitt 1 0 1
White Chocolates 1 0 1
Punt-to-bag 1 0 2

Flag Football TraditionEdit

Beginning in 2010 a traditional pre-draft flag football game was played by all members who were in attendance. 

Year Location Score
2010 Darren's House, Beaverlodge, AB
2011 Darren's House, Beaverlodge, AB
2012 , Edmonton, AB
2013 , Grande Prairie, AB
2014 , Beaumont, AB
2015 Grande Prairie AB
2016 ????
2017 None
2018 Grande Prairie

Draft LocationEdit

Year Location
2004 Online
2005 Online
2006 Online
2007 Online
2008 Ryan's House, Grande Prairie
2009 Ryan's House, Grande Prairie
2010 Darren's House, Beaverlodge
2011 Darren's House, Beaverlodge
2012 McTaggert's, Edmonton

Madhatters, Grande Prairie

2014 Cory's House, Beaumont
2015 Madhatters, Grande Prairie
2016 GP Brewing Co., Grande Prairie
2017 Ryan's House, Kelowna
2018 Shark Club, Grande Prairie

GPSL Rules and RegulationsEdit

General Rules

1. GPSL is an Auction Style Keeper League
2. Entry fee is $150 per team, due 1 month prior to NFL season Startup or 3 weeks before GPSL Draft Date, whichever comes first
3. Prizes will be awarded as follows: 1st place - $1200.00, 2nd Place - $400.00, Consolation Playoff Winner- $200.00
4. There are 12 teams in the GPSL
5. Teams will consist of 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF, 6 Bench Spots and 1 IR position
6. Stat categories are as per GPSL Yahoo website
7. Each team will draft 15 players, filling each spot less the IR position (IR position cannot be utilized until after draft is complete and waiver period begins)

Auction Rules

1. Auction Draft budget will be $200 per team
2. Each team MUST FILL OUT THEIR ROSTER COMPLETELY within the draft parameters and timeframe
3. $1 minimum bid, no maximum bid
4. Player nominations will be done in order of previous years finish.
5. Bidding will start at value determined by nominating team and continue until no further bids
6. Teams will have 15 seconds to nominate player for auction after previous bid closes
7. Player will be awarded to the highest bidding team as determined by the Auctioneer
8. Bids will be placed with a signal of hand and/or verbally. A movement to bid will be deemed a bid, with NO EXCEPTIONS

Keeper Rules

1. Teams may keep a maximum of TWO players per year. There is no minimum
2. Players may not be kept for more than two consecutive years (IE: Drafted in 2012, keeper eligible in 2013 and 2014, released into 2015 draft)
3. Each keeper will be kept at their previous years value plus $10 (IE: Drafted in 2012 at $15, kept in 2013 for $25, kept in 2014 for $35, released into 2015 draft)
4. Free Agent and Waiver Wire pickups may be kept for $12 (IE: Picked up during 2012 season, kept in 2013 for $12, kept in 2014 for $22, released into 2015 draft)
5. Keepers value will count against $200 team budget
6. Keepers must be declared 2 weeks before NFL season Startup or 1 week before GPSL Draft Date, whichever comes first
7. Keeper timelines WILL NOT be restarted if player is traded or picked up on waivers or as a free agent (IE: Player will remain keeper eligible based on original Draft/FA/Waiver pickup year)

Trade Rules
1. There will be a limit on trades of 25. Trading will be allowed in the offseason after the Championship Game is complete until one week before keepers are due

Waiver Rules

1. General Yahoo Waiver Rules. Waiver starts as worst to first from previous year. Continually rolls as teams utilize waiver wire. All players will go on waivers prior to Sundays games, coming off Tuesday at Midnight.